Post Monday, 20th September 2021, 15:46

Ring stacking

To further alleviate the inconvenience of inventory clutter, I propose stacking non-artefact rings. It's a bit counterintuitive, but now that numeric bonuses have been standardized, there's no practical reason why it wouldn't work. The only disadvantage would be that instead of seeing e.g. "(left hand)" when viewing your inventory, you'd see e.g. "(wearing 1)", but that seems negligible, as the location of a ring seems purely cosmetic (excepting perhaps in the case of a finger necklace, but even that's easily addressed by preventing removal of the necklace while wearing an extra ring, if that's not already how it works).

Here's how each operation would work:
Pick up - add to existing stack if possible, otherwise create new stack
Drop - drop entire stack if possible, otherwise give error stating that the rings must be removed first
Put on - put on one ring, if possible
Remove - remove one ring, if possible

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