New autopickup?

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New autopickup?

In trunk/0.27, characters seem to automatically pick up some items - curare darts - without being selected by the player? I see that nets are autopicked up, and are marked. But if I DON'T want to pick up the darts, I don't know where to select that (since it's not marked on the menu).

Bug or feature?



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Re: New autopickup?

Pretty sure it's an intended feature, but agree that the menu should have a way to turn it off.

Slime Squisher

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Re: New autopickup?

It's intentional that curare et al were added to default autopickup, but the interface for this probably could use some improvement.

You can disable autopickup for darts, nets, and boomerangs completely (including curare, atropa, and dispersal) through the autopickup menu by pressing the key for them until they're marked with a - highlighted in white, like so:

Spoiler: show

I totally agree that the current behavior is hard to discover -- How is the player supposed to know that force-disabling pickup for those items will have different behavior than the default, which is also marked as disabled?

If you have any suggestions how to improve the interface here, I'd like to hear them?

Spider Stomper

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Re: New autopickup?

Could they just be listed as a separate category?

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Re: New autopickup?

While I agree there should be a clearer way to define this behavior as you like, I DO appreciate the new autopickup rules, especially "pick up the first instance of any accessory armor you find" (helmets, gloves, cloaks, and boots).

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