Post Wednesday, 27th May 2020, 13:24

nerf Oka Trowing

With the current ballance Oka Throwing is essentially a no-brainer. It's super powerful.
We've already made some progress, with TSO now also giving ammunition throwers^TSO aren't too bad.

I'd propose to go further, with some of the following:
1. Oka gives fewer javelins. Let Oka give an equal mix of darts, boomerangs, javelins (if applicable), and large rocks (if applicable), and fewer of them with each gift than currently
2. Let Lugo gift you missiles (which "got lost in the abyss". Jewellery would also be thematic, but that's another topic.)
3. Make a "golden boomerang" which never mulches, and put it in Swamp or Orc. Orc would be more thematic, but Swamp would give some compensation for missing out on Shoals and all their missile goodness.

Depending on which of the above are done, throwing damage could be nerved or boosted.