Post Wednesday, 26th February 2020, 17:40

New Troves: Item sacrifice trove.

Not so long ago, I wrote that the number of evo items is so large that they need to be reduced. And I've recently seen developers change the effects of potions because of 'bored'.

Suppose I have reduced enough the number of items(evo, and Including the potions and scrolls) as I claim.

If we make a bold decision, we'll be able to remove 2~3 potions and 2~3 scrolls and 4~6 evo items. I assume here we removed 12 items. If we have 12 spaces, are we freed from the pain of inventory pressure? If we no longer add new items, I could say 'yes'.

However, if new potions, scrolls, and evo items are created and added to the game, we will again feel inventory pressure. And what if most of the 'boring' items are already removed or adjusted to be interesting, making it hard to find an item that is boring enough for us to remove? We will find something to remove somehow, but the obvious thing is that it will be harder to choose than now.

What I want to say is that the best way to relieve inventory manage pressure is to remove items, but this way has its limits. So I would like to introduce another means to reduce inventory manage pressure.

Item Sacrifice Trove:
This can be a normal trove, or maybe a place that gives players a different kind of reward. I don't know what interesting reward this suggests. The main difference between the Trove of Sacrifice and the normal Trove is that this place permanently disables certain items.

I'm going to disable Potion of brilliance, Scroll of immolation, and Lightning rod. Do you agree?
Reward: (Well? What rewards do you want to receive?)

I think using this trove will help reduce inventory pressure without annoying players.

What do you think about this trove? If this is really add in the game, where should it be placed(D15, V1, U1)? What should the reward give?