Remove launcher ammo

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Remove launcher ammo

With the farewell of branded arrows'n bolts, launcher ammo is kinda pointless especially because arrows are common early while bolts not, which makes crossbow starts unfunny difficult. This is also a beef to centaurs & friends, they will never run out of ammo (which they almost always don't in my experience before I deal with them anyway.)

Also, less floor junk.
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Re: Remove launcher ammo

Some characters are resistant to arrows, for example anyone wearing a large shield, especially with a scarf of repulsion. You can literally just stand there and let yaktaurs shoot you.

In principle, I think it would be a nice change, but it would slightly affect monster behavior.

Finite ammo only matters if it affects your tactics. Ammo you can retrieve doesn't affect your tactics except when your quiver is very very small.

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