New Race Idea: Lizardfolk

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New Race Idea: Lizardfolk

So I've recently been playing a lot of Total War: Warhammer 2, and I noticed that my favorite dungeon crawl game lacked a scaly-boi option (Other than dragons, but they don't quite fit the same role) so I made a rough draft of a possible playable race.



Starting Mutations:

Fangs 2
Claws 2
Scales 1 (Random and would increase with exp)


STR: 11
DEX: 8
INT: 6

Gain: 4:SD

General skills, Experience:

Arm +2
Ddg +1
Sth -1
Shd +2

Inv +1
Evo 0

HP +10%
MP -1
Exp -1
MR +4

Melee and Ranged Combat:

Fgt +3
Sbl 0
Lbl +2
M&F +3
Axs +1
Pla +2
Stv 0
UC +1

Thr +1
Slg 0
Bws -2
Crb -3

Spellcasting and Magic:

Spc -4
Coj -3
Hex -3
Cha -3
Sum -2
Nec -4
Trl -2
Trm -4

Fir -2
Ice -3
Air -2
Ear -2
Poi 0

Does this look good enough to be moved to the suggestion board or is more needed?
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Re: New Race Idea: Lizardfolk

For new species, the bar is pretty high. More important than lore, new species need to fit into gameplay niches that aren't covered by the existing game, or add new mechanics. See Vine Stalker and Octopode for "recent" examples of this.

Viewed in this light, your proposal doesn't add much new. It's very similar to Minotaur and Hill Orc. Additionally, the species has "one way" to play it in terms of aptitudes dictating training choices, because the differences between good and bad aptitudes is so wide.

A species proposal that fits modern crawl guidelines is more about adding a unique mechanic and opening that mechanic up to as many play styles as possible.

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