Post Wednesday, 23rd October 2019, 12:08

eVokables menu

Create a menu, similar to spells and abilities, for wands and miscellaneous evokables, accessed via the V key. V? could allow players to check bindings, timers, cooldowns, and descriptions, and aV could allow adjustment of bindings.

Charged items (wands and miscellaneous evokables, specifically) don't need to go into the inventory. General inventory commands include wearing, removing, identifying, uncursing, dropping, and using. Wands, etc., aren't worn, removed, identified, or uncursed. They wouldn't need to be dropped if they were never in the inventory, so if V were modified to use a keybinding system similar to spells or abilities, there would be no reason to have them in the inventory at all. Reducing inventory clutter makes the interface more painless and removes the incentive to make evokables boring and uninteresting as an alternative remedy.