Post Saturday, 12th October 2019, 16:05

Change the Staff of Energy/Crystal ball of energy

Staff of Energy: This causes the tedious task to be repeated. The player just presses V. continuously. I just want to change this for a little more convenience.
New function:
(Add) If the monster is not in sight, the magic regeneration speed increases by 2.
Don't hit v in a row anymore, just press 5 once.

Crystal ball of energy: It is very complex and difficult to use. Also, there are many ways to recover mp ordinally. I want more general and interesting features.
New function:
(Remove) Magic regeneration
(Change) This is now the charging method.
(Add)3x3 smite attack(5x5 range with low probability). It drains magic of target. Recover MP of player by number of targets hit. Damage, Range, and amount of recovered MP increase in proportion to Evocations.
If it is too powerful, reducing the range would be fine.