Post Friday, 6th September 2019, 08:03

additional rc file options

Multiple things actually (i'm not a programmer):
There seems to be an option to colour the number/stat of both mp and hp, but i could not find something to colourize the bar.
I personally rather would have purple mp and some people like their hp red. (list funtion?)

mp_bar_colour, hp_bar_colour

(non auto)fight_key_delay = ms

I lost a handful of characters to this, as i don't always autotravel.
Completely exploring a floor doesn't mean there are no monsters left, if i could set a delay in miliseconds i would have time to react accordingly if i run into a hydra for example.
And to set a "force more" prompt on every single enemy slows down the game.

fight_warning = boolean
"Are you sure you want to fight in melee? Y/N"

But maybe also a melee prompt in general, useful if you play a mage/weaker hybrid.

Minor additions really.
Other thoughts on the ideas here?