Post Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 11:12

New Species Proposal (Revamped)- Fallen Angel

After being brought back down to earth by Implojin and Sorcerous (many thanks for the feedback) I have returned with a reviewed version of the fallen angel species. With the aim of having a unique concept while also requiring decision making on the part of the player, here goes nothing!

The idea of gaining power as you advance in experience is still there, though a sacrifice must be made to earn this power. After you angered the good gods and were cast down you lost all of your powers along with your angel-hood, so, to earn back the favor of the gods, you must sacrifice 10% of your MP and HP, while also suffering -1 to all aptitudes. Upon completing this sacrifice, the good gods will test you, to find if you are worthy of forgiveness. If you successfully complete this test, you are “promoted” among the angelic host. You will be able to attempt this, say, every 7 levels.

Fallen Angel (Upgrade 0) Neutral
-Cannot wield evil/chaotic items and cast any necromancy
-Mostly 0 in attributes, will give specifics later
-Basically human

Profane Servitor (Upgrade 1) Evil Path (End of Evil Path)
-Considered undead, so cannot cast lich form, death's door, etc
-Must still eat
-4 tile Dithmenos type halo
-Perma fly
-See invis
-10% HP and MP, -1 lower attributes than fallen angel

Angel (Upgrade 1) Benevolent Path
-Cannot wield evil/chaotic items and cast any necromancy
-4 tile Shining One type halo
-Perma fly (0.9 speed when flying)
-Naturally higher regen (equivalent to wearing an amulet of regen)
-10% HP and MP, -1 lower attributes than fallen angel

Daeva (Upgrade 2) Benevolent Path
-All angel powers
-Can use smite (33% of MP, should bring hunger from neutral to hungry)(more damage on holy enemies)
-5 tile halo
-20% HP and MP, -2 lower attributes than fallen angel

Seraph (Upgrade 3) Benevolent Path (End of Benevolent Path)
-All daeva powers
-Poison immunity
-6 wing tile, and 0.7 flying speed
-6 tile halo
-Cleansing flame, similar to shining one, but more damage and cost 15% of health
-Can spawn Qazlal type storm of holy fire cloud type, at cost of minor draining
-30% HP and MP, -3 lower attributes than fallen angel

So, here is an example of how this might work. You have just reached level 7 as the fallen angel species. You decide to attempt to earn the gods favour. You sacrifice you health and MP, while suffering a -1 to all aptitudes. Now that the gods see your commitment, they must determine if you are worthy. So what might happen is suddenly getting teleported into a gauntlet type room where you fight a series of enemies, and winning spawns the portal out. Upon leaving, you advance from the rank of fallen angel to angel, and get the appropriate powers, at the cost of permanent decrease in MP, HP and aptitudes.

At level 14 you will be able to do this test again, losing another 10% HP and MP of your original pool (so now you have -20% HP and MP) and another -1 to all aptitudes. This time, you might get smited by the Shining One while attacked by angels of Zin. Surviving upgrades you to a daeva, and you gain powers appropriate of a daeva.

At level 21, you can sacrifice your essence once again for a final total of -30% MP and HP, and another -1 to all aptitudes. Another test must be passed, and if you succeed you are upgraded to the final rank, seraph. Note all tests will be combat based.

One thing must be kept in mind. You do not have to sacrifice your MP, HP and aptitudes at every level, it is a conscious decision the player must make, weighing the pros and cons. However, if at level 7 they do not choose to “upgrade” to angel status, they can do this at level 14. However, they will never be able to reach seraph rank, as they will max out at daeva rank at level 21.

At the beginning of the game fallen angel will play similarly to a human with the exception of being able to worship the good gods. The benevolent gods cannot be worshiped by angels, and they are seen more as servants than valued worshipers. Worshiping the neutral gods annoys them, and will block off the ability to upgrade to angel, daeva and seraph as long as your worship of them continues. However, worshiping Yremedul blocks this off forever, and forces you to attempt the test to “upgrade” to a profane servitor. -10% HP and MP, and -1 to all aptitudes, as usual, but they will have a different set of abilities. No other evil god accepts the worship of fallen angels.
Note that the difficulty of these “tests” by the gods does not depend on XL, but on rank. Profane servitor will be slightly harder than angel. Angel will be easy, Daeva will be medium and seraph hard. Attempting angel at level 7 might prove challenging, but choosing to attempt it at level 14 might prove easy. This is another reason that the player may not want to upgrade at every possibility, a weak or unprepared character faces the very real possibility of death.

Any feedback is appreciated, especially as to the balance of the “sacrifice” vs the powers. More power suggestions and more debuff suggestions are welcomed.