Why can I select a skill to train at 27?

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Why can I select a skill to train at 27?

My skill is at lvl 27, I can still select it to train it. What's going on here? I'm playing on trunk online.

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Re: Why can I select a skill to train at 27?

Cross-training from slings, maybe?
The combined skill is 27, but the individual is not.
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Re: Why can I select a skill to train at 27?

I also had this. As Sorcerous said, cross-training is responsible.
In general I think It'd be nicer if there was some kind of automatic training target at 27 skill.
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Re: Why can I select a skill to train at 27?

I reported this a while back as https://crawl.develz.org/mantis/view.php?id=11219, and I doubt I'm the first. I think this behaviour is by design. I don't like it; either it annoys the player by being a hidden way to waste XP, or it allows Hypothetically Optimal Man to build up "drain armour" in selected skills [1]. Neither seems like desirable gameplay.

On the other hand it would be odd if you could train (say) M&F to 27 with 29,750 XP then overtrain it by training Staves, but were prohibited from first training Staves then investing 29,750 XP in M&F, so a change to this behaviour would want a little thought. (Excess XP from crosstraining is just lost, to prevent "drain armour"? Interacts badly with Ru's sacrifice skill...)

[1] Of course thinking both these things at once suggests a certain confusion of ideas on my part.
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