wights (small and petty)

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Mines Malingerer

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Post Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 21:39

wights (small and petty)

Does it bother anyone else that the latest version of tiles for wights show them carrying a shield (probably a buckler), but they don't render up a buckler when killed? Like I said, small and petty...

Blades Runner

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Re: wights (small and petty)

This does bother me a little as it can happen with some other monsters too as an inconsistency. Some monsters don't ordinarily have a shield but will display one when they are using them. Others display a shield then don't drop it.

A bucker is decent utility for a small investment so I can see why you'd want one if it otherwise doesn't generate early. Whether it SHOULD is another matter, but it would be nice for the tile display vs outcome to be consistent.

It's not a big deal though as you say.

Slime Squisher

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Re: wights (small and petty)

And here I was hoping we'd start seeing petty wights on D:1 and small wights on D:3.

Blades Runner

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Re: wights (small and petty)

I didn't have a problem with the old wights. I agree that they shouldn't display a shield if they aren't actually holding one.

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