Positional Attack Spells

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Re: Positional Attack Spells

b0rsuk wrote:Harpoon Shot. (might need to be rebranded)
The attack swamp worms have is tactically interesting. Most casters would rather blast from afar, but if you provide a spell like that some players will find a use. BTW why was Force Lance removed?

Force lance was merged with IMB, the new spell is keeps IMB's name but does less damage than IMB does, and has better knockback than Force lance did (it's power is proportional to how close they are to you though) and hits everything around you.

Also there's already a "lesser beckoning" which pulls things in close (it doesn't do any damage like the monster's harpoon shot does though)
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Re: Positional Attack Spells

Have you seen Staff of Entrancement in Brogue? I think it could be interesting. As I understand, Enslavement was removed from DCSS because it was too powerful. If it works, it not only adds a body, but it takes away one enemy and adds an ally, so you're roughly 2 monsters ahead. Entrancement in Brogue lets you control the monster, but the catch is it mirrors your movements (if you go left, it goes right; if you go up, it goes down). This means to do something with it you need to spend turns controlling it. It's an interesting balancing mechanism. The spell ends when it duration ends or when you attack the entranced being.

But it wouldn't work as well as in Brogue. Brogue has more environment features, not just lava and water but also traps. Gases and various terrain types are common, spiderwebs, chasms you can fall into... as is fire that spreads and burns foliage. So in context of DCSS entrancement sounds cool on paper, but wouldn't necessarily work very well.

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