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His harpooning is not making sense IMO. First he nets you, then frees you from the net by yanking you out of the net next to him. I get it is easier to harpoon a netted rune-quester, but it feels wrong to me. Especially since the first time this happened I wasted 3 blinks to get out of the nets. What do you think?

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Re: Harold

Harold as unique is really misplaced and doesn't make much sense. Just remove him instead of trying to reform him. He was deadlier and a better unique before the reform. He taught you about the deadlyness of fire bolts before (prepares for orc sorcerers).

Reasons to keep him: He adds net drops.

Reasons to remove him: really unremarkable unique, no learning effect - each of his mechanics is already taught elsewhere:

Sentinels mark - alarm traps.
Harpoon - swamp worm vaults/swamp entry vault.

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