Improve potions of resistance

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Improve potions of resistance

Currently, potions of resistance grant fire, cold, electricity, poison, and acid resistance. I recommend expanding the list to include negative energy and magic, at least, for 2 reasons:

1) The wider the variety of situations is where these items are useful, the more numerous and interesting the decisions about when to use them vs. save them are, and the greater the reward to players that skillfully judge and manage situations where the potions are helpful but not necessary. If the list were further expanded to include rare resistances like mutation, paralysis, and petrification, these benefits would be even greater. Making rare resistances available through a rare consumable wouldn't trivialize serious extended game threats (as players would still primarily need to play around those threats in the traditional manner), and would reward players skilled enough to conserve their supply with an option to mitigate those threats in unusually dangerous circumstances.

2) As a "drink this to compensate for not having yet found an appropriate resistance for the dangerous threat you're taking" consumable, having it function effectively for most threats that can normally be mitigated by resistance, but not for all, is inconsistent. I'm sure there are many players that quaff potions of resistance when facing uniques like Menkaure and Grinder without realizing that they're wasting both a turn and a valuable potion for no benefit, either because they forgot which resistances are provided, or because they never took the time to carefully read the item description in the first place. Sure, you could make the case that this differentiates player skill (or more accurately, player knowledge), but it does so in a much more shallow and less interesting way.

The selection of resistances currently granted has a thematic aesthetic that I appreciate, but a complete set of resistances (at least of those that are generally available through equipment selection) makes more sense in terms of gameplay.

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Re: Improve potions of resistance

also they only give one rank of resistance, which sucks for fire and cold so it would be nice to have extra compensation

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Re: Improve potions of resistance

adamkad1 wrote:also they only give one rank of resistance, which sucks for fire and cold so it would be nice to have extra compensation

If you think only one rank of fire or cold resistance sucks, then you don't know what one rank does.
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Re: Improve potions of resistance

Just a reminder that there's already a pot that gives rN+++
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Re: Improve potions of resistance

pedritolo wrote:Just a reminder that there's already a pot that gives rN+++

I had to think about that for a sec.

That potion is really the ultimate in "rewards system mastery", which seems to go against crawl philosophy. Personally I like being rewarded for such things, but I thought I'd point it out.

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Re: Improve potions of resistance

rMut in the resistance potions would be great :)

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