Some thoughts on Yara's

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Some thoughts on Yara's

This is a spell that seems awesome on paper, but doesn't work too well in practice. The AOE might seem good, but it just as well prevents you from casting it cus these hasted foos get right up in your face. When you do get a cast off, they just rebuff. Technically, they wasted a turn, but buffed monsters often come in packs and you will end up saying "fuck it, let them buff."

My proposal is that YVU should trade the AOE for a slightly higher damage and an antimagic effect that prevents casting for x amount of turns based on spell power.

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Re: Some thoughts on Yara's

Or maybe just add a new spell which is stronger but not AoE similar to animate skeleton/dead and confuse/mass confuse.
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Re: Some thoughts on Yara's

A spell with an antimagic effect on the target actually sounds pretty compelling, whether it's a Yara's rework or a whole new spell.

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