Clarify the sizes of Ru sacrifices

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Clarify the sizes of Ru sacrifices

Ru offered me two sacrifices which would have both resulted in * piety. However, one of them was called a major sacrifice, whereas the other one was a significant sacrifice.

Now I don't know if native english speakers can tell which one was a bigger sacrifice, but I couldn't. So I think it would be nice if the verbal description could be made clearer (e.g. <very small - small - average - big - very big> or something like that) or some kind of numerical scale could be added (it can be relative, like major 3/5, significant 4/5).

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Re: Clarify the sizes of Ru sacrifices

Or probably * - ** - ***
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Re: Clarify the sizes of Ru sacrifices

I don't think even native speakers can figure out whats bigger between major and significant. I had to look at badwiki for it.

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Re: Clarify the sizes of Ru sacrifices

This thread made me think of this:
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