Background Equipment

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Background Equipment

So, we all know that certain creatures can't wear certain things (typically armor) which affects their backgrounds. One thing I've noticed, however, is that without compensation for the lost equipment, this makes the background slightly less useful on certain races. Not necessarily enough to discourage it (OpFi is still a good start due to the shield), but less useful.

Since some races already get substitute items (and large species get robes), why not make it a bit more universal?

For example, OpFi would get a +2 hat and (maybe?) +0 shield of protection. Between the two that would yield approximately the same AC as scale mail.

Species that get robes could get +2 robes and a +2 hat to compensate, or the like.

Not necessarily 100% equal, but close enough.

Just a thought.

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Re: Background Equipment

we don't compensate spellcasting background combinations (e.g. FoWr can't use Blink and scrolls of blinking, MuNe can't use regeneration), so it doesn't make sense to compensate non-spellcasting backgrounds. all this does is create a lot of bookkeeping; the current assignment is a straightforward replacement method, which creates simple and clear guidelines on how to make future adjustments if a new race or background were to be added. having granular adjustments per race/background combination also invites opinions on power levels, which is generally not desirable because most players have difficulty properly evaluating how strong various starts are.

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Re: Background Equipment

You can also just game the existing system. For example if you want a hat on your octopode, take gladiator instead of fighter. Shields are common floor drops, hats not so much. Sure it starts out at +0 but what else are you going to use your ?EA on. That said, I would like to see all of the book starts start with a hat, not sure why wizard gets so much love (highest Int, very adaptable spell set, hat) compared to other book starts.

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