Found a bugged artifact weapon description

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Found a bugged artifact weapon description

Playing .21 on webtiles, I found a minor artifact bug. Apologies, no screenies AND I forget the name — it begins with a "U"; Udlieb maybe, or Ubdiel :?? — but I found a +10 artifact greatsword (-tele, +3 STR, antimagic, +9 Mag) that actually gives -9 magic. The text description also mentions it, so the -9 is intentional, but again, the sword listed "+9 Mag" in the short description.

No big deal but I figured I oughta say something, and I'm too lazy to post on a git, assuming there is one :mrgreen: .
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Re: Found a bugged artifact weapon description

Not a bug - a side effect of wielding antimagic weapons is that your MP max is reduced to 33%. A possible modifier on artifacts is +9 MP. If you get a +9 MP antimagic artifact, both of the properties apply.

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