Post Thursday, 29th March 2018, 11:49

Deadly autoexplore -hornet food vault

The guaranteed food vault "hangedman_pestilent_swarm" has caused me a at least two auto-explore deaths in the last week. In case you are not familiar with, it has a checkerboard-pattern of walls and monsters, after which comes a chamber with rations. The monsters are usually two hornets, a couple ants and ant soldiers. If a character autoexplores right next to a hornet (sometimes even two!) and gets stung, the chance for slow/paralysis/death is far too high.

Manual exploration lets one avoid this, but a solution for autoexploration is sorely needed.

I propose to put a door in front and right behind the door some non-hornet insect monster. This allows one to recognize the vault and take appropriate actions in time.

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