Vault and Unrand Idea

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Lair Larrikin

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Vault and Unrand Idea

It would look like some sort of forge, patrolled by many sword wielding enemies. As you get closer and closer to the end of the vault, you will see more enemies wielding doubleswords, with a few even wielding tripleswords. When you reach the end, you will face a powerful enemy in a bloodstained chamber littered with skulls and swords. This enemy can be a crazed knight, blacksmith, or Rupert, and will be wielding a very powerful unrand, that is basically the main reward from the vault.

I don't have any ideas as to what it could be named, and I don't have the game knowledge to give it reasonable stats, but I think its description would go something like this:
Upon closer inspection, this massive blade turns out to be a myriad of smaller blades, all razor sharp, perfectly angled, and humming with the tempered ferocity of the countless enchantments woven into its steel.
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Snake Sneak

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Re: Vault and Unrand Idea

The sword theme might allow it to work as a bailey, if you tone down the loot. Multiple double and triple swords is way too much loot for one vault, though; both are supposed to be very rare.

Mines Malingerer

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Re: Vault and Unrand Idea

A septenvigintuplesword?

Spider Stomper

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Re: Vault and Unrand Idea

As long as the vault is rare, then the swords will be rare as well, so that's not a problem. It doesn't matter at all if there are multiple swords in such a vault, as nearly all of them will just end up floor trash anyhow. The player is only going to take one or maybe two, so that is the effective drop for the vault.

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Tartarus Sorceror

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Re: Vault and Unrand Idea

There actually already is an extremely high-value vault that gives you an exe axe in dungeon (the one with the scorpions and spider webs), and also gives high-tier one-handed weapons. So a vault giving a strong artefact wouldn't be odd. It's a bit like the Undeadhunter vault, or the Hall of Blades, just not spawning every game.
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Cocytus Succeeder

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Re: Vault and Unrand Idea

By the way, there a lot of vaults which guarantees a very strong fixed-art, such as the Wrath of trog guarded by Sp berserkers', the 9x9 glass prison of reapers with one wielding the Schyte of Curses, the one with Golem and ring and robustness and so on. Heck even one the early overflow Oka vault altar can spawn randart\fixedart such as the autumn katana!
Some others of this kind could be a nice addition... unfortunately this idea is just already kinda used, because actually there is already a vault which is very similar to what are you proposing:

it's a vault guarded by humanoid enemies - including possibly uniques - wielding I think only longblades and protecting a fixedart\randart longblade enclosed behind a 3x3 glass rock walls, on the top a permanent tele trap.
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Lair Larrikin

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Re: Vault and Unrand Idea

To be honest, I felt like this vault would be some sort of wizlab, but it isn't exactly wizard-related. I was thinking of the funny story behind the double/triple sword, and wondered what would happen if the knight kept asking for more blades on a sword.

Also, is it okay to call wizlabs vaults?

Ziggurat Zagger

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Re: Vault and Unrand Idea

Paperbell wrote:Also, is it okay to call wizlabs vaults?

I believe their usual term is "portal vaults", which is a type of vault, so sure.

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