Post Saturday, 17th February 2018, 05:36

Nerf Lightning Spire

Lightning spire is a ridiculous spell that has immense utility and a decent amount of damage. Instead of changing it's idiosyncrasy, I propose that instead we nerf it indirectly by making it much louder. Preferably as loud as lightning bolt. This will bring the spell closer to being in line with the power levels of other level 4 spells, while not drastically changing the spell.

Since lightning spire uses same ability as electric eel, we can make those noisy too.

Nerfs lightning spire.
Makes it less of a no brainer to decide when to cast it (noise management is a cool part of this game, imo).

Decisions to change lightning spire may affect electric eels...
Doesn't fundamentally change why lightning spire is ridiculously good (but I kind of want to keep lightning spire good since I get some great mileage out of it).

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