Remove javelin and tomahawk brands

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Remove javelin and tomahawk brands

All of the other ammo brands were removed because they made inventory management really annoying, so I think that throwing brands should be removed too. This would be a nerf to the power of throwing weapons, so it's possible that they could get a slight buff to compensate.

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Re: Remove javelin and tomahawk brands

I have no position on whether the brands should be removed or not (I don't play throwing characters much). However, the reasoning in the OP is not really tight: ammo brands were removed, but launcher brands remain. So you can't directly compare ammo and javelins/tomahawks.
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Re: Remove javelin and tomahawk brands

The problem with throwing is imho ammo type X ammo brand. This leads to a lot of different throwables.

With launchers you only have launcher brand. Yes, there can be launcher type, but there aren't many reasons to alternate between long and shortbow, so in my experience it doesn't really count.

Throwable brands have a little niche in the "ignores MR" category. I think that removing brands and moving them to some miscellaneous evocable item recharged over time would be good. So there only are stones - tomahawks - javelins - large rocks. And then you can have the rod/box of silver explosion, poison gasses, scrambling, and some needle effects too.
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Re: Remove javelin and tomahawk brands

if not this, then at least make the brands unique to one weapon type each. it's redundant to have poisonous needles/tomahawks/javelins all in the game.

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