New god Idea: Zayne, the silent death

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New god Idea: Zayne, the silent death

The idea: making a god that supports non-caster "assassin" types. God dislikes making a lot of noise (I'm not sure what the exact implementation would be, but most conjurations should trigger this), likes stabbing, killing monsters. Abilities scale off Invocations and Dex. Gives a passive, scaling bonus to EV, Stealth and a chance to stab enemies that are not otherwise vulnerable.

* Passive bonus to EV, Stealth and % chance to Stab begins.
** Camouflage: Costs 6 mp. Like invisibility, that ignores see invis and doesn't cause contamination. Each turn, however, each monster on LOS has a chance to "see through your camouflage" and start ignoring the effect of camouflage from that point onwards. Works under silence. The camouflage is better (less chances of being noticed) the better your Dex and invocations are.
*** Uncanny Dodge (Passive): Make an EV check to avoid 50% of the damage from fireball, LSD and Damnation (and other unavoidable AOE effects if I'm forgetting them, not torment, though).
**** Jump: Costs 8 mp, causes exhaustion, like cBlink but cannot go over obstacles (like enemies) range 5, works under silence. % of failure goes down with invo and and dex. exhaustion time too.
***** Nothing
****** Silent Death: Costs 10 mp, moderate piety. Silence, but you also get automatic tier 1 stabs against anything inside the area. Scales of invo and dex.

High MP costs are meant to strain MP reserves (making it less appealing to cast spells), silence, of course, doesn't allow casting. And Making the abilities scale off Dex means you're incentivized to increase your Dex instead of your int. All this is to try to make this god something other than an enchanter god, but a god that supports a high-dex, high-stealth, long-term stabber that has a "mundane" flavor (as most classical thieves from RPGs).

Any ideas?

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Re: New god Idea: Zayne, the silent death

I like the idea - non-caster assassins are ridiculously weak outside the early game (to the point of unplayability), and giving them a god is a good way to address that. However, high MP costs will do nothing to deter using Hexes. Your average enchanter is spending just enough MP to get the target under the enchantment before stabbing them to death - that's as little as 2MP per monster, far less than your average conjurer. I'd say just make the god dislike Hexes, or dislike attacking targets that have been artificially disabled. Flavor it as disliking unsportsmanlike conduct.

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Re: New god Idea: Zayne, the silent death

How to make a non magical stabber god:

Zetty McNetty the Net God:

* Gift Net: God randomly gives nets on piety gain.
** Netblast- AoE Net attack vs all adjacent targets. Requires that many nets. Minor Piety, 3 MP
*** Nets upgraded to Large TRIPLE Nets- Net big things
**** Net Elephant Gun: Scattershot wand AoE Net attack. Requires 8 Nets. Minor Piety, 3 MP
***** Eletrified Net- Damage on Hit, Paralysis save vs HD, scales with invocations, 8 MP, Moderate Piety. Requires Net
****** Vamp Brand a Short Blade +2 enchant (1 Time)

Edit: More Fun Net Abilities:
Net Form: Transform into a net. This gives the player a non-damaging constriction attack against an adjacent enemy. Cannot cast spells or wield weapons while in net form. For the Memes.
Netstorm: Its like tornado, but with nets!
Netfestation. Infects all creatures In LoS with Inner Net. When the mob is destroied, nets burst from the corpse, netting all adjacent targets.

Otherwise, on Zayne:
Why not just have an invokable invis as opposed to camouflage?

Range5 Cblink without piety cost is too strong, regardless of being blocked by creatures.
Auto T1 stabs = insta kill against anything in the game. Seemstoogood.

More generally: Silence has some unexplored design space. We have a player centered AoE ability that silences but does not remove abilities as a spell and a scroll... and that is it. Some means of silencing single enemies at range could be a reasonable god ability. A hard silence that removes demon abilities in addition to spells is also reasonable. On the other hand, in some ways this is just a lesser confuse.

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