Voluntary enter to Abyss:3

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Voluntary enter to Abyss:3

I think voluntary entering Abyss through a gate should take you to Abyss:3. Reasoning: currently, if you don't want to wade through A:1 and 2, you should leave a suitable banisher alive somewhere (or a disto weapon in Hall of Blades etc.) to get you there.

Alternatively, only do this if you already have 3 or more runes, because then it should be clear that you are strong enough and going through A:1 and 2 is just an inconvenience.

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Re: Voluntary enter to Abyss:3

I disagree with your reasoning. Trying to enter Abyss via banishment is kinda dumb if you have a door available. Banish-capable monsters are rather dangerous to be next to in most cases. You're risking greater demons and strong conjurations and things can go sour quickly, especially as natural MR makes banishment less likely. What's more, if you enter abyss through a door, if you're ever in a pinch and need to escape the abyss through an exit door, you're not greeting an angry elf or whatever with <50% HP.

A better thing to do might be to consolidate all of Abyss to a single abyss level, or only three levels to preserve the risk/reward thing, but almost no one gets their runes on abyss 4/5 anyways so it's something of a meaningless choice.

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Re: Voluntary enter to Abyss:3

Alternative proposal: the Abyss level you enter depends on your character level, with level 25+ characters entering from 3... with a chance for 4 and 5, which should keep these levels relevant by making things entertaining whenever an unlucky player ends up in A:5.

While its alternatives (Vaults and Slime) have preset challenges, the Abyss is mostly a slog that can potentially become nasty but rarely does. Adding another element of risk to it may make players reconsider it for their third rune, and further discourages crazy things like abyss farming.

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