Let Chei allow Berserk.

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Let Chei allow Berserk.

So I decided to Berserk under Chei to see what would happen. What happens is that you get +Might and +50%HP but you lose typically 10 to 15 points in every single stat (penance takes away Chei's support) and either A. the speed effect is directly negated or B. Chei's forced slow down counteracts it.

Is there any particular gameplay-related reason that this action needs to apply penance when the part of it that involves Chei's conduct doesn't work anyway? I think it should allow the +50%HP and +Might while blocking the Haste.

Also, Chei highlights berserk in red but doesn't ask for a confirmation. I think he should. At the very least, color-blind players may find it easier to work with him. Not a huge deal though.

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Re: Let Chei allow Berserk.

Additionally, shouldn't the fact that you're slowed after berserking balance out the haste from going berserk? I feel like Chei could easily be ambivalent towards berserking.

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