Qazlal Alternate Invocation

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Qazlal Alternate Invocation

I have seen on here in another thread that Qazlal's "Elemental Force" invocation far less than useful.

In light of this, I'd like to propose another option. That tier of piety is called "Eye of the Storm" so I suggest something matching that flavor while also providing usefulness more in keeping with the nature and style of Qazlal (assuming other elements remain unchanged):

"Eye of the Storm"

Cost: 6 MP, 6 Piety

Effect: Concentrates and empowers your passively generated clouds. Places you in the center of a ring of storms. These storms are {Design Option 1) alternate through the four elemental cloud types turn by turn, in unison; 2) consist of a mixed and fixed variety of cloud types; 3) Consist of a single type that changes with each use}. You are located in the "eye" of the ring of storms, and remain unaffected by the storms. All creatures in the storms have their LOS limited to their own square due to the thick, fog-like storm clouds, and are slowed by the inclement weather, flying is inhibited and canceled immediately. Additionally, the swirling clouds have a chance to confuse any creatures within them.

Variables: Duration keys off of Invocations. Depth of the storms depends upon piety -- at *** the storms are 1 square thick around the player. At **** this increases to 2 squares thick, etc. At Max Piety, the storms swirl 4 squares thick in all directions around the player (walls do NOT effect this thickness or concentrate the clouds).

Use: This is essentially a protective debuff on enemies, dealing severe damage, and disabling spell-casters/ranged attacks. Serves this roll MUCH better than a few elemental allies.

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Re: Qazlal Alternate Invocation

This is very similar to what Hellcrawl has implemented as a replacement. Cloud Surge surrounds you with long-lived clouds whose radius, duration and type scale with invocations skill.

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