Maces suggestion- Stunned

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Maces suggestion- Stunned

Since Long Blades and Axes have unique effects, I was thinking maces could have one as well.
Whenever a mace lands a (!!!) strike (which would reasonably be a direct hit to the head or center mass) The targets actions take 20-25% longer to preform for 2-3 turns.

alternatively, Blunt damage is far more effective against armored targets than slashing weapons as a rule, so beyond a certain ac threshold maces could ignore a portion of defenses. Or, just add a flat 20% ac ignore effect.

Granted, these would likely require a reduction in accuracy or base damage for this to be fair, and the chance would have to scale with mastery as well, like Riposte. (not sure why cleave isnt, but hey lol)

I feel like most of these have been pitched, but i just wanted to see your thoughts.

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Re: Maces suggestion- Stunned

There are a few issue with your suggestions.

First, maces already have a unique niche as "generally good weapons." The lack of a unique feature is a feature.

Second, your features don't really change decision making. A chance to stun is basically meaningless because you still tab the same monsters the same way. Likewise, ignoring some AC is just a damage boost and isn't really relevant (and if it somehow is, it'd be because of some very hidden numbers math heavy optimization). E: yes, you could accurately point out that long blades gimmick also barely affects how you approach combat, but at least it makes people think to make dodgers.

Third, making the stun dependent on doing !!! Damage means you basically only ever stun things you one shot or seriously wounded lategame, and makes it impossible to do early game. Not really great for making maces distinct if their edge is slowing monsters you killed at XL 27.

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Re: Maces suggestion- Stunned

Long blades do passive damage to surrounding mobs, it's a real difference.

% chance of knockback would be an example of a real difference, for maces. But I agree that being a pip higher in damage compared to the tier is already a unique thing about them.
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Re: Maces suggestion- Stunned

I enjoy M&F not having a gimmic.

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Re: Maces suggestion- Stunned

he protec
Your weapon exudes an aura of protection.

he attac
You slice the yaktaur captain like a ripe choko!!!!

but most importantly
he gimmic
The jackal completely misses you. You riposte.

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Re: Maces suggestion- Stunned

Maces are already the best weapons aside from axes, because they cross train with axes.

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