force_more_message and runrest_stop_message

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force_more_message and runrest_stop_message

I have "force_more_message += You found a shaft" line in my rc file. Now whenever I find a shaft while autoexploring I'm forced to press spacebar and then exploration continues. For it to stop upon finding a shaft I have to also add "runrest_stop_message += You found a shaft" line. I need the first line because I want to stop immediately upon finding a shaft while doing manual exploration too.

So here is the question: does force_more_message not having the power of runrest_stop_message have any benefits? Wouldn't it be strictly better if it had this power?
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Slime Squisher

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Re: force_more_message and runrest_stop_message

I can think of an example. You might want a force_more whenever you come in sight of an orc priest: stronger than simply stopping autoexplore, so you don't just tab the orcs around it and get smited to death. Given that you're likely going to be playing LOS games with said orc priest, it may come into view many times while you're moving around manually, and you wouldn't want to have to press spacebar each time it does.

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