Don't make ogre a fat human

Although the central place for this kind of discussion is on the CDO wiki, some may find it helpful to discuss potential requests and suggestions here first.

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Re: Don't make ogre a fat human

Shard1697 wrote:hey now, mummies can hang out and scum OoD spawns

Shard was correct when he posted this but I just feel like it should be mentioned that now mummies can't even do this! No more later spawns, mummies nerfed.

On the original topic of ogres I like the idea of buffing their other weapon aptitudes to be somewhat more appealing, so that maces don't have to go too low. I haven't checked the exact values that .21 is using but I'm sure I'll play one during the tournament at some point. And being me, probably unarmed. Have we buffed their UC skill yet? :)

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Re: Don't make ogre a fat human

I'm ok with a clubs nerf, but I think a race that is iconic for their ability to wield giant clubs should not have a lower M&F apt than polearms.

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