Glyph decorations/diacritics in console

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Glyph decorations/diacritics in console

While arguing for reworking polearms, I came across an interesting old discussion on crawl-dev. dpeg suggested that in console, polearm-wielding monsters could be shown with an umlaut for easier visual cues. At that point, from what I understand, it was rejected because not all terminals could handle them.

It's been a few years since then, so I want to ask: is this still the case? Can things like umlaut or diacritics (or perhaps italics/strikethrough or whatever) be used for indicating reaching and/or status effects in console? If not all terminals can handle it, could this be implemented as an optional compile-time parameter?

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Re: Glyph decorations/diacritics in console

If some terminals couldn't handle it when it was last discussed, it's almost certainly true that nothing much will have changed there. I imagine it could still work as an option though, maybe some kind of extension of mon_glyph that can check for weapon types/brands.

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Re: Glyph decorations/diacritics in console

I love this idea - pushing console mode to the limit is extremely my shit. One day I'll try to patch in terminal mouse support.

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Re: Glyph decorations/diacritics in console

Better visual information in terminal would really be a huge improvement. As it is tiles is already a much easier game due to wider visual information bandwidth.

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