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PostPosted: Friday, 7th January 2011, 01:44
by betamin
Wasup guys, I was talking to my friend today and said he would play DCSS if it was in spanish, so I was thinking, why not make a translation? I never programmed anything, so I don't know how difficult it would be to do it, but if I had a transcript I could easily do the translation. If anyone knows how and wants to put a translation in the game contact me and I would get to work.

Re: Translation?

PostPosted: Friday, 7th January 2011, 09:52
by jpeg
This question comes up a lot. It'd be awesome if you can work something out.

It's a huge task, so you might want to read the previous comments on the topic. You can also add your own thoughts at the bottom of that page. (But please try to refrain from the "That'd be brilliant!" kind of replies.)
In any case, you can count on at least this developer giving advice and possibly even providing some code work. :D