multi gods, corrupt and destroy

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multi gods, corrupt and destroy

I wanted to be able to have a 2 or 3 gods for the fun of more abilities, even if it meant that much harder to please them to get the abilities, tougher piety reqs.

Some of them match up well enough that, like with traditional pantheon idol religions you could try to relate with more than one.

The ability to corrupt levels and destroy altars i liked, since its the only way to wreck altars. it was fun to go into everyone's special place and be like ha its totally wrecked now!

(Although some floors had multiple special places and corrupt only works once, so i'd like that changed, maybe let it work any place there is an altar!).

I'd think Lugonu and Vehemet would match up well for destroying stuff. They both want you to kill everything!

Being able to destroy harder walls was something I liked a lot, made much use of shatter, which Vehemet causes to do more damage.

So, abandonment would work a little different, such as going to a god that is not a match or other offenses and lack of interest.

Having more than one god could require some special service to each, the dereliction of which brings abandonment punishment. Such as, "Lugonu: Must Corrupt each map and each non-aligned altar (may bring consequences from those gods)", "Vehemet: must kill twice as many enemies and shatter the most significant structures on each floor (will be marked)". And the corruption would have to be programmed not harm the altar of the character's other god, of course, as part of the deal.

So, that's one example. I'm sure there are others that would be fun also.

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Re: multi gods, corrupt and destroy

This is pretty emphatically on the devs' "won't do" list:
Two-headed player species. In particular, no to two-headed playable ogres, double no to wearing two amulets at once and double double no to simultaneous religions.

There are literally hundreds of possible god combinations. Can you imagine just trying to weed out all the bugs and unexpected interactions that would crop up, to say nothing of actually trying to balance the game?

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Re: multi gods, corrupt and destroy

"This sounds fun for me because I'm not the one who will have to deal with all the annoying little details to make it work."

Generally (read: not a crawl-specific topic), getting someone to do dev work that fits the above description requires an injection of money.

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Re: multi gods, corrupt and destroy

well if he really doesnt want it apparently, but it doesnt say why. I did suggest a counterbalance to make it more challenging for having more than one.

"(there are animosities among the gods, but they are of the Greek or Norse type, not of the monotheistic variant)." which would support going after multis.

there are not hundreds of combos. most just would not match up. i mean how you do trog and any magic? or good and evil? rather it would be fun to decide how to match up those who can, id think.

i dont think too many details would have to add to make it work. you just have two.
since when is a simple enhancement to a game a pay to do it. or are all the other things here pay to do it? no.

well i already finished the game.

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Re: multi gods, corrupt and destroy

Since it is such a simple enhancement, feel free to do it.

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Re: multi gods, corrupt and destroy

This won't happen, but even if it were somehow a thing that some dev wanted to implement it would absolutely not be a "simple enhancement". If you're interested in finding out why, I recommend familiarising yourself with Crawl's religion code!

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