Post Saturday, 6th August 2011, 13:45

Spear-thrower proposal

Not just for actual spears, but for shorter versions like javelins and darts.

I usually rely on projectile like darts or javelins, even spears. I guess if could add an spear-thrower like an atlatl ( to enhance the throwing. It shouldn't be as common as slings but also a nice addition in case you find one of them. Monsters could also use it.

The benefits would be: increase accuracy, increase damage, decrease chances of breaking the projectile. A possible handicap should be an increase of time between throwing.

I though on them mainly to be used on darts but also with javelins (not for tiny species). I have proposed as well a big gastraphetes (belly-bow) to throw powerful shots with javelins for big species and I was aware of a hand crossbow that was used to shoot darts but was removed time ago. I think all that projectiles should have at least one weapon as an alternative to hand-throwing , and that several can coexist and share projectiles (don't we have different swords and maces ? ).

EDIT: It would be nice to have a multi-thrower that also can handle arrows or bolts (with less damage than the bow or crossbow respectively) and I think this could be the required weapon.
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