Guess what magic school I'll be reforming today...

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Guess what magic school I'll be reforming today...

1. Only 1 charm/form can be active at a time.
2. The charm/form is permament.
3. Turning the charm/form off drains your mp equal to the casting cost.
4. The charm/form has a % chance to expire every turn 'in combat' (e.g. when enemies are visible). The % chance is equal to the casting % chance this turn. (dmsl can retain it's 'special' permament behaviour; it's acting differently than any other charm in the game anyway).
5. Before expiring, the charm/form gives you a 1 turn warning period, just like now.

Thinking about reforming the Charms is addictive, you know.
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Re: Guess what magic school I'll be reforming today...

Was hoping for high school. .
I don't think stackabbillity is really the issue its charms working as an additionel equip slot and this idea would just reinforce that concept. Problem imho lies with the fact that charms are infinite re-castable when learned. Maybe just increasing lvl and diversefying the spell schools needed to cast them would resolve the issue at least in a normal game.
Then again what do I know.
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