Remove hunger

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Re: Remove hunger

Siegurt wrote:Bah, butchering corpses is way less hassle than tinning them with a tinning kit. (Or hauling them to your fridge) :)

Or cooking them with a cooking set...

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Re: Remove hunger

I didn t follow the whole hunger disccusion ...

But an easy way to raise hunger/food reputation would be to give food some benefits, like potions. Maybe also permanent effects. Imagine what happens with the figure when eating to much or less. Some ideas:

1. When engorged the player gets every turn + 0,01 str and +0,01 ac and loses -0,01 int and -0,01 dex. (becomes fat) When starving the opposite -0,01str and ac and + 0,01 int and dex (becomes thin)

The player should be attract to eat much to gain Powers(and wight) and waste food!!!

2. Food should be the last chance to remove poisen(~2-5 points). Helps little when drained and attributes subtain. (frustration eating)

3.Eating Food has the effect of might potion (satisfy)

Figure problems!!!

When str ac over by 10(adipose): additional movement speed decrease.And the player loses the controll of his wight. Every turn there is a chance of 1% the player automatically eat random food.

When str ac over 20: The player transform into a worm. (Jabba effect)The player now can eat everything(even unique weapon armour, scroll...) Playing a worm should be fun!The monsters get fear or surrender(enslaved)...

Over 25: explosion(death)

When str ac under 5( and int and dex over 5): (thin (ascetic modus)). The player get some mental bonuses. clear mind more powerful spells...

When under 8: death

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Re: Remove hunger

Move over devs theres a new design wizard in town!

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Re: Remove hunger

twelwe wrote:It's like Blink, but you end up drowning.
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Re: Remove hunger

Rather than separate out the wheat from the chaff here, I'm locking the thread. I look forward to seeing you all at the next hunger thread in a few months!

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