Differentiate skeletons and zombies

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Differentiate skeletons and zombies

Proposal: give skeletons +3 speed instead of -2, cut their HP and AC, increase their EV. Also, either Animate Dead can no longer generate them, or they last for a much shorter time than zombies.

Reasoning: Currently zombies and skeletons are virtually identical for all intents and purposes. This a thematic and intuitive way to differentiate them, and will give vault designers something new to play with. It would also work very nicely with and_into's suggestion to remove butchering - no more skeletons from Animate Dead. Furthermore, it could open the way for a new version of Animate Skeleton that would give pure necromancers a nice "generate fast but short-lived glass cannon" spell. This could prove particularly interesting on monster necromancers, who could generate minions that aren't just roadblocks.

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Re: Differentiate skeletons and zombies

remove skeletons
remove animate skeleton

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Re: Differentiate skeletons and zombies

Animate skeleton is a problem spell for a number of reasons. There's a larger issue with allies and necromancy and whatnot, but removal of the spell animate skeleton would be pretty straightforward and it would improve the game.

If someone wants to remove skeletons or whatever too, that's fine, but I suspect that would involve more work [disclaimer: not a developer nor a coder]

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Re: Differentiate skeletons and zombies

I like the idea of fast skeles that chatter their jaws mockingly while chasing you as the slow zombie hoard rolls forth to finish u off.

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