Halfling Aptitudes & Handed-ness

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Halfling Aptitudes & Handed-ness

There was just an interesting change to differentiate Halflings and Kobolds, and one of the things that was interesting was that it involved Halfling's Axes aptitude to +0, and actually making Axes a suggested weapon for them when they go combat classes. However, upon actually playing this, it feels like a trap - Broad Axes are considered two-handed weapons for small races, and small races are unable to wield battleaxes or executioner's axes. It seems like there's no real balance reason for this, just a bit of flavor, and this comes at the expense of play, and rendering a decent aptitude completely useless.

I saw that there was a bit of collapsing of handedness rules between kobolds, halflings, and spriggans, and I figure this is a time to bring this up.

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Re: Halfling Aptitudes & Handed-ness

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Re: Halfling Aptitudes & Handed-ness

This whole handedness thing is still a really dumb mechanic.

Just make it so small races can't wield 2h weapons and leave it at that
or remove the restrictions entirely

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