Demystify Invocations

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Demystify Invocations

Can we give Invoked abilities (regardless of skill used) a power bar to indicate how powerful they currently are compared to max, similar to the spellpower bar? And clearly state what decides the power of an invocation? (I'm saying this specifically because it would help NEW players and players that are new to a particular god know how much Invo they want to train MUCH better than the current state of affairs.) The previous "Oklob Size" thread is a subdivision of this problem; as is the semi-common misconception that Invo affects the power of Slouch, instead of merely the failure rate.
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Re: Demystify Invocations

I've got 20 wins or so, and I'm pretty sure 90% of the time I've got no idea how anything scales with invocations and just train it until the abilities I want have low failure rates. I know Qazlal and Elyvion go well with more invocations than that. I think I've heard Uskayaw does too? Maybe others? I've got no idea.

In other words, yes, 100%, it is very opaque right now how invocations affects different spells. This is true of spellpower in some cases too (I wonder how long it takes most players to learn that spellpower only affects the duration of cloud spells and not the damage), but it's an especially big problem with invocations.

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Re: Demystify Invocations

Yeah, like with Lugonu, Banishment maxes at about 10.7 Invo IIRC but Corrupt gets more effective upto at least 22 (I forgot if it still gets in some way better after that)...
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Re: Demystify Invocations

Some are very unclear about how they work: slouch damage is due to speed difference, but what changes the duration aspect of other Chei effects, or increases the chance of bend time to affect monsters? Speed, Invo, something else, nothing at all?
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Re: Demystify Invocations

Sprucery wrote:Yeah, like with Lugonu, Banishment maxes at about 10.7 Invo IIRC but Corrupt gets more effective upto at least 22 (I forgot if it still gets in some way better after that)...

Banishment's formula has been recently changed, there's no more a cap
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