Let's Talk About Hex: A Compilation Thread

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Lair Larrikin

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Re: Let's Talk About Hex: A Compilation Thread

Thought this topic was going to be about hex tiles :(

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Re: Let's Talk About Hex: A Compilation Thread

RFHolloway wrote:Could combine the two ideas and have a separate unresistable spell to reduce resistance. - perhaps called hypnotise. Probably level 2 or 3, with perhaps a mass hypnotise at level 5 or 6

If you're going to have the one spell that's irresistable why not go all out and make a bunch of high-power irresistible Hexes?

Edit: I had an idea a while ago, before the Hexes-reduce-MR suggestion came up. In a brief nutshell, it would be a Hex/Conj or Hex/Summ spell that conjured or summoned a small number of creatures (I pictured them as flying, fast, ethereal worm-like creatures made of magical energy) that would attack the target, and on a successful attack, instead of doing damage, they would attach to the creature and begin sucking away its MR over a few turns. They would start out friendly but if they couldn't find a target in time they would go neutral and could turn around and attack the player.

Lair Larrikin

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Re: Let's Talk About Hex: A Compilation Thread

The idea of temporary MR reduction by unsuccessful hexes sounds great to me, but especially when it comes to hexing wands, because as of now, they are useless in mid-to-lategame. Also, how would this change reflect in hexes cast on player? Would it make him more banish-able?

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Re: Let's Talk About Hex: A Compilation Thread

I don't think there's a problem in Hexes. It's just the abundance of boring omni-resistant enemies in the middle/late game that makes this school weak in the long run.

MR reduction sounds kind of interesting, but will be a major pain to balance. I can see it being either OP or useless. Maybe as a some sort of Ash ability which power depends on both Invocations and Hexes skill?

Disclaimer: I wasn't anywhere near late game since 0.5, even in wizmode, I did spectate a lot of games on webtiles.

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