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Report extra info in morgue file

I've seen some players occasionally add notes like "AC 20, EV 15" to see them later in morgue file and I liked it.
We already have HP and MP reported when leveling up. I suggest to add a new option to report AC, EV, weapon and body armour.
When the option is turned on in RC/init file you get something like

1164 | D:2      | Reached XP level 5. HP: 34/41 MP: 4/4  AC/EV: 6/11, +2 dagger of electrocution, +0 leather armour of fire resistance {rF+}

New players can provide morgue files of their games and get better advices like "don't use plain +0 rapier" or "don't switch to +0 plate armour from +3 ring mail" or "don't switch from M&F to axes for +5 war axe of draining".

Also it can be used to compare speedruns where one player found great weapon early and another was stuck with +0 weapon for a long time.

I think I can create the patch if necessary.
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