Bribe branch question

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Bribe branch question

I've had bribed monsters turn hostile unexpectedly recently.

My memory might be tainted, but I bribed Zot, had the buff up and had a few 'friends' in LOS. Then I threw a javelin at a monster that hadn't see me yet, i.e. question-marked. Then everyone turned hostile.

I'm assuming that the order of events went something like this:
- I spot a monster. The monster is awake, but hasn't noticed me.
- I throw a javelin.
- The monster now notices me.
- The monster accepts a bribe and turns neutral/friendly.
- The javelin hits.
- The monster turns hostile.
- All monsters in LOS turn hostile.

That is some speedy bribing, or some slow javelin. Is that intended?

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Re: Bribe branch question

You attacked a bribed or a "soon to be bribed enemy". Yeah, ranged sucks when you are bribing and this should be fixed. Theres also the problem of stumbling into friendly bribed invisible enemies(because only allies are revealed to you if you dont sinv).
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Re: Bribe branch question

Seems like a turn processing issue, because it's not as if projectiles have a travel time. The bribe acceptance code seems to run between the end of your turn and before your attacks are actually processed. Does ranged work differently from melee in that way? It is occasionally possible to melee an enemy on the first turn you see them.

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Re: Bribe branch question

Why yes, I'd be glad to take your gol-OW!

More seriously, this sounds like a bug, not a misfeature. I'd suggest reporting it on Mantis.

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