Please, please make "smart" autotargeters optional

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Please, please make "smart" autotargeters optional

Affected spells: Lee's Rapid Deconstruction, Lightning Bolt, Shock, others in the presence of green crystal

The nice thing about the default targeter is that it's very easy for humans to predict. It picks the closest monster. This means that most of the time, you can move the cursor to the actual target without needing to look at the screen (since you already know where the starting position of the cursor is), which saves a lot of time in the long run.
The LRD and lightning bolt targeters are good for bots, but for someone used to the default targeter, they make using the spells far slower. These targeters are difficult for humans to consistently predict, due to how much they depend on terrain. Even when LRD targeted the player by default I was faster than with the current targeter. I would much, much rather use the default targeter (the new lightning bolt targeter has honestly made me reluctant to learn lightning bolt at all), and I have found at least one person who prefers the new targeters, so adding an rcfile option makes sense.

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Re: Please, please make "smart" autotargeters optional

Yes, I guess this is a good case for an option.

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Re: Please, please make "smart" autotargeters optional

IT LIVES ... 2b97083301

With simple_targeting = true, explosions will just be targeted at the closest
monster in range (rather than trying to find a spot that hits monsters but not
the player), and lightning bolts won't be automatically bounced, to let players
choose predictable targeting over clever targeting if desired.
Wins (Does not include my GrEE^Veh 15-runer...stupid experimental branch)

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