Minor title change

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Minor title change

This matter is very trivial but I thought I'd still say something about it: the title for Slings 21-26, "Slingshot", is both rather "weak" for a skill level like that and too similar to "Slinger" (skill level 8-14) in my opinion without being punny in any way. Could we change it to something else? My preferred alternative would be "Hailstorm" or something similar.
If anyone else thinks certain titles aren't fit, feel free to post in here.

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Re: Minor title change

"Covered" has always seemed a little lame to me. How about "Suited & Booted".

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Re: Minor title change

Maybe "Striker" would be better than "Cruncher" in staves.

Different topic - but noticed "Charmwright" in the charms titles. Could this actually work as an alternative to Skald for the charms-using background?

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Re: Minor title change

It sounds a bit awkward, but less so than the previous suggestions, and it fits in a lot better with the other backgrounds than Skald. Adding it as a class probably means the title would have to be replaced, but that's pretty secondary IMO.

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