Simplified Pakellas

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Tartarus Sorceror

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Simplified Pakellas

- Throw out all the mess which is no mana regen and gaining power from killing and gifting mana potions. Good grief.
+ Identify wands passive: this is fine. Apply it to rods also
- Get rid of quick charge and supercharge abilities
+ Add a passive that effectively gives 3x charges to all evokables (zapping a wand only has a 33% chance of using a charge, elemental evokables recharge 3x as fast, rods only use 1/3rd as many charges per zap, etc)
- Get rid of device surge ability.
+ Add a passive +3 to evocations skill. Can't take you above 27.0
- No piety system.
+ Gifts come with every XL gain from 2-27, better gifts at higher XLs. No gifts after that.

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Re: Simplified Pakellas

I proposed something quite similar to this a few days ago in ##crawl-dev, but I think the audience at the time was leaning more towards removing Pak.

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Re: Simplified Pakellas

This should be in GDD. This is not the place.

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Re: Simplified Pakellas

I couldn't have imagined a more boring god if I tried. Not that I am a fan of Pakellas as it is.

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Re: Simplified Pakellas

IMO the Evocables enhancer is an important part of this god. Is there any other way to get it?
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Re: Simplified Pakellas


No mana ever under Pak.
Actives cost piety or drain or exhaustion or something. Give randomized spell rods as gifts sometimes.

Make Pak an actual evo focused god rather than this weird halfassed attempt.

I actually find Pak really fun, but current iteration is just wonky.
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Halls Hopper

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Re: Simplified Pakellas

Some sort of completely mana-free implementation would be nice and simple. DD could be banned, or special cased I guess.
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Re: Simplified Pakellas

Mod note: At the OP's request, moved to GDD.
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Re: Simplified Pakellas

I am DEFINITELY leaning more towards paks removal. I really wish there was a way to make him work, but honestly I just don't see it happening. All Pak does is turn evocations into spellcasting but way more limited and with much less skill investment.
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Re: Simplified Pakellas

I personally like Pak, but can totally understand why others would not.
If it's "change or remove" then I suggest:

- Toss No mana Regen
+ Add Slow Mana Regen, to encourage evokable usage over spellcasting
+ Identify wands passive & apply to Rods (Same as OP)
- Get rid of quick charge and supercharge abilities (Same as OP)
+ Add a passive that gradually recharges wands in your inventory, gated through XP. Rods also charge a bit faster
- Get rid of device surge ability. (Same as OP)
+ Add a passive +2 to evocations skill. Can take you above 27, but you take a permanent -5 to evo if you abandon Pak (for a cap of 22/27)
- No piety system. (Same as OP)
+ Gifts come on a psuedo random timer which is decreased by XP gain, better gifts at higher XLs. (This also prevents gift scumming via waiting.)
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