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Stone Arrow

Can Vehumet please gift a fire and earth book as your first gift if you have invested in fire and earth? There's been talk of a book of brimstone or whatever and that would make a good first gift for fire and earth elementalists that decide to go with Vehumet.

I used to like to chose Vehumet and go stone arrow -> iron shot -> crystal spear but now I can't do that. :(

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Re: Stone Arrow

I agree that Vehumet should have a first gift with some fire and earth spells for those who wish to use these spells but do not start with them.

Maybe the old Book of Conjurations (Fire/Earth) should return, but not as a starting book - just a book that can be found in the dungeon or given by Vehumet. The name would probably have to change though.

Alternatively, the Book of Flames could make a good gift, though it only has Bolt of Magma from earth.

The suggested Book of Brimstone could also be used, though it's meant to have Stoneskin and Fire Brand that are not necessarily appropriate to Vehumet. However, Vehumet does give Book of Power that also contains a lot of non-conjuration spells.

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Re: Stone Arrow

Whoa - when did that book get taken out? I'd understand if the Conjurer book had been changed to include some Fire/Earth spells but it seems strange forcing the background into Ice/Air when they're supposed to be more of a generalist ...

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