make natasha grow more powerful with each death

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make natasha grow more powerful with each death

see title

as it is if natasha scares your character when they first encounter her, she will be less and less scary each time you face her because you will get XP from her(and other monsters) each time you murder her as well as finding items in between each encounter. I sometimes experience this, where her damage output and speed makes things hairy the first time but then she's easy XP the other times. but if she got stronger(paired with a message like "You feel her presence grow stronger somewhere else on this floor..." so it's not spoilery), perhaps it could create a situation where you need to consider whether you wanna fight her again.

alternatively, mitigate this effect somewhat by only giving XP when you kill her the final time.

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Re: make natasha grow more powerful with each death

I have mixed feelings about it. Sometimes it takes several consumables to kill Natasha and I wouldn't like to spend more consumables again. Is it possible to make Natasha stronger only if you haven't used any consumables with her in range? Something like "Natasha dies. Natasha is resurrected. Natasha still remembers your use of scroll of summoning and fear, it makes her less self-confident and weaker"
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Re: make natasha grow more powerful with each death

She could also dive a floor in addition to getting stronger after each death.
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Re: make natasha grow more powerful with each death

Resurrecting a bit stronger (not much), on a lower floor seems fun. The point of her getting weaker is to make a reference to Felids I suppose. As a game mechanic, an enemy that gets weaker with time doesn't seem so good though.

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Re: make natasha grow more powerful with each death

My most interesting encounters with Natasha were those when she came back quickly after her death while I was still wounded/low mana. What if we reinforce this aspect of her? For example after death let her directly walk towards the spot of her death and/or the player. Optionally also respawn her somewhat close (e.g. 20-30 steps away) to the location of death to guarantee a timely arrival. Of course this can be mitigated if the player manages to retreat to another level after killing Natasha, but fortunately Natasha is fast and has ranged attacks, so abusing this by luring her to a staircase before killing her is almost impossible.

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Re: make natasha grow more powerful with each death

This would also help with one of Tasha's most annoying problems. You kill her, and you know there are still two manifestations of her to bring down. I then ambulate sometimes for hundreds of turns around a fully explored level just to put her to her final rest. I hate it if she does not show up right after stomping her.

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