Beogh radioactivity

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Beogh radioactivity

To dear developers, I'd like to mention current dcss' orc fellows' equipment changing mechanism is bit weird tendency. For recent versions they tends to get weapons which have heavy base damage, seems attack delay isn't considered at all.
But did you noticed orc fellows' actual output damage is influenced by their attack delay, not the base damage. So in this mechanism they gets weaker.
If you run the Arena and make two orc warlord duel, one with quick blade, other with triple blade, then winning against quick blade wielding orc warlord is nearly impossible(quick blade wins about 80% chance from my observation). Even you replace quick blade to mere 'dagger', the result have not much difference.
Of course, I'm not suggesting make them use quick blade, pls make they keep their weapon, not changing like that. Granting random brand on their weapon is far more better than they getting heavy weapons.
And they gets and changes armor very slowly. Its not uncommon to see orc levels up and becomes orc warlord but they have no armor. Its bit irony their graphical dot file shows them heavily armored.
And giving them crossbow is the main reason why they gets 'weaker'. Can they just won't have crossbows?

First, if they gets crossbow, then they cannot get shield at the same time, and this make them less durable than one have shield. And they deals heavy damage with melee weapons(of course they are no archer :D), but their A.I. makes they use crossbows as much they can do, so if monster gets closer to them, they first fires xbow then swap to their melee weapon when it got close enough-so considering using x bows till monster gets close and their weapon swapping delay makes their output damage less than when they only have melee weapon. Imagine you gave them holy weapon but they just shoots demons with xbows till they gets close, how frustrating. Plus with polearms this issue gets more emphasized, with polearms they could support player at backside(like gnoll bands do) but when they have xbows they wields it and stand still. it inhibits their potential if they have only pole arms.

If these weapon changing mechanism, getting armor slowly or gives them crossbows is intended to nerf them, I have no objection. But if you intended to make them stronger please consider these weird ironies they gets weaker as they levels up.

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Re: Beogh radioactivity

Moved to GDD as closer to that than Suggestions.
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Re: Beogh radioactivity

Edit: nevermind you'red definitely talking about followers. Well I would say the it balances out with later game targets having more AC anyways

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