Minor Zin Tweak

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Minor Zin Tweak

Something that just occurred to me. The "Imprison" ability of Zin is flavoured as making 'walls of pure silver'; but the fact they are silver has no practical effect. I'd like to suggest that silver walls (which currently don't exist outside of the invocation and holy pan) are treated as silver branded when hit with LRD. (1.75x normal damage versus chaotic things). This is an extremely minor buff to Zin that would only be noticed by Earth Elementalists (Fact that the walls are metal and only have a 3% chance of breaking means the tactic of LRDing one actually wouldn't be bad).
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Re: Minor Zin Tweak

It has a practical effect, the walls instantly go *poof* in abyss, i.e. imprison doesn't work there.
Your idea makes sense though.

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