Unify wear/remove/takeoff/puton

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Unify wear/remove/takeoff/puton

After all these games I still find myself hitting 'w' to put on jewelry and 'p' to wear shields. Don't even talk about trying to figure out how to remove something.

One key should be able to do everything: to divest yourself of something that's currently worn, and put something on if it's not on.

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Re: Unify wear/remove/takeoff/puton

As long as it's an additional key that does not affect the current keys.

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Re: Unify wear/remove/takeoff/puton

Turn on equip_unequip in your config - that will make removing and putting on the same button for both classes of items.

I like the separation of the two - swapping jewelry is a one turn, in-combat, tactical ability, and I would hate for a fat finger to cause me to wear something instead, since it is a many-turn out of combat thing. That seems like the key purpose for the separation.

I wouldn't be against a key that one could bind to show both types of items in one menu, I just wouldn't bind it myself.

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Re: Unify wear/remove/takeoff/puton

Aha, thank you very much. I retract this suggestion.

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Re: Unify wear/remove/takeoff/puton

This has also been discussed in a bunch of detail here (and probably other threads too).

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